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Improve workflow and achieve efficiencies by
getting your technologies working together
with NCS Systems Integration.

Solutions to fit your needs

NCS can integrate all systems under one roof to allow for reliable reporting, maximising efficiencies and effectiveness of rostering. The software we use is a market leader in aged care and hospital alarm management technology and gives you more options than ever.


Provides management with an audit trail of calls and activity via easy-to-use, customised reporting functionality.

Automatic fault detection

Continuous automated fault detection to ensure your Nurse Call system is reliable and dependable.

Remote access

We can provide assistance from any location, at any time giving you reduced call out costs and quicker response times.

Unlimited inputs

Facilitate alterations, extensions, upgrades and enhancements to ‘future-proof’ your facility as your needs change.

Notification options

An extensive range of notification options includes pager, phone, overhead display via text, voice and email.

The future of security technology is in scalable enterprise integrated solutions.

Security, CCTV, Intercom, Health and Safety, Time and Attendance, and Nurse Call systems can work together to automate and simplify your work, reduce risk, save time and allow you to manage the safety of your people effectively and efficiently.

Multiple benefits can be highlighted by a simple example of integration such as interfacing Nurse Call with a wandering system:

    • Save time, cost and drive efficiencies by freeing staff up to go about their business knowing that over-threshold activity is monitored and reported in real-time to the notification device of your choice
    • Manage risk with 24/7 eyes-on technology
    • Enhance customer satisfaction by allowing residents to stay in familiar surroundings for longer
    • Save cost where two technologies share the same infrastructure

Talk with the experts at NCS about your system integration requirements

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