A lot has changed.

These simple questions (while not exhaustive) may help you decide whether it might be time to think about your Nurse Call system:

  • Is your Nurse Call system reliable?
  • Are parts readily available?
  • Do you receive prompt service at a fair price?
  • Can your provider ‘dial in’ for faster, more cost-effective fault resolution
  • Will your Nurse Call system work when the power goes down?
  • How long will it run for if the power goes down?
  • Do residents have access to Nurse Call from wherever they are?
  • Is there a difference in performance between wired and wireless?
  • Do you have access to good reporting to help minimise risk and validate compliance (e.g. my mother called for help and no one came for 20 minutes)?
  • How is reporting being used as an effective management tool to optimise resources, drive efficiencies, manage risk and save cost?
  • You can have the reports of your choice (e.g. top 10 callers, alarms over 3 minutes, differences between zone/shift etc) automatically emailed to you daily/weekly
  • Can you change call priorities easily to help manage at-risk residents (e.g. from resident call to emergency)?
  • Can your staff easily see/hear resident calls?
  • Is there a back-up if your notification device fails (e.g. pager, overhead display, over-door light etc)?
  • Can you escalate calls which are not answered within the parameters you set?
  • Do you have rostering capability to make sure the right staff get the right calls at the right time?
  • Can you escalate calls to another zone?
  • When might you go for an IP-based Nurse Call system? What is the real cost-benefit?
  • Does your Nurse Call system have voice capability?
  • Can you send messages through your Nurse Call system?
  • Wandering/tracking technology can free your staff up and help keep at-risk residents safer for longer. Do you know how readily available and cost-effective this can be?
  • Did you know your Nurse Call system can integrate with your electronic care management system so you have more of the information you need in the one place (great for care plans)?
  • Does your Nurse Call system have Staff Presence?
  • Have you heard of Staff Assist?
  • Why are infra-red PIR’s an increasingly popular alternative to floor sensor mats?
  • Why there is a growing trend is to integrate technologies such as Nurse Call with CCTV, Intercom and Access Control
  • Would you like other equipment alarms to notify through your Nurse Call system?
  • Do smoke detectors notify through your Nurse Call system?
  • Do you know calls can also go to cordless phones and smartphones?
  • Do you use real-time location on your premises?
  • Are you challenged by limited battery life on any of your equipment?
  • Are your pendants long or short-range? If long, do you know where the resident is when they call for help?
  • Is equipment such as call points and pendants sterilisable, water and drop-proof?
  • Is your system scalable? Can you add to and/or change it as your needs change?
  • Have you heard of Infotainment handsets?
  • Do you use inactivity sensors? Do they alert through your Nurse Call system?
  • Did you know you can benefit from new technology without the need to replace the systems you currently use?
  • When was your system last audited?
  • In the event you are challenged, can you demonstrate you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your Nurse Call system (a critical communication) is fit for purpose?

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  • We use a solutions-based approach to help you find the right solution, cost-effectively
  • We don’t talk ‘technology’ for the sake of it
  • We won’t go on about fancy bells and whistles we know you’re never going to use
  • We focus on useful, practical applications which are relevant, easy to use and add real value to your business (staff and residents) day-to-day


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