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wrist-new-400x400-300x300We’re now able to provide a wider range of front-end devices for your residents to call for help. In addition to fixed call points, pendants are a great way to give your residents access to help beyond the precise area defined by the location of the call point itself. Choose from short-range (within the home) to long-range pendants (village-wide). And now with location capability, you’re able to pinpoint the whereabouts of the resident with greater accuracy (with the level of accuracy being determined by the number of ‘readers’ installed). Like anything, not all pendants are created equal. Check for battery life and overall performance including drop/water resistance. It’s worth knowing, too, there’s no longer any need to go elsewhere to cancel a pendant call. With some of them, you can do this from the device itself.

Mainly for environments where a higher level of care is provided, multi-use handsets provide residents with Nurse Call, lighting and TV controls (channel/volume) all on the one device. As well as being nice and easy for the resident, this is just one simple way you can leverage technology to achieve a point of difference, drive sales and increase occupancy.

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