In addition to an increased range of devices for your resident to make calls, there are more options available to receive them. 

As well as over-door lights, pagers and Nurse Stations, cordless phones and smartphones are increasingly being used as notification devices. Where care staff are already carrying a cordless phone, the ability to also receive a message initiated by your Nurse Call system call negate the need to carry two devices (phone and pager). Overhead displays (annunciators) are also available in the form of big-screen LCD’s which, in the absence of active calls, can also be used to advertise upcoming events or relay other useful information. These are increasingly popular by those looking to get away from the image associated with conventional annunciators. The ability to roster, forward and escalate calls combined with an increased range of notification devices means you have more control over how you run your facility and gives you more ways to drive efficiencies, optimise resources and manage risk.

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