Apart from the obvious need to have a tool which supports and demonstrates compliance and performance requirements, more and more we see our customers using Nurse Call reporting capability as a proactive tool to help find efficiencies, optimise resources and manage risk. Call type, duration and location performance data can highlight areas of risk and help achieve optimum staffing levels. Multi-site operators can use data to compare cross-site performance (for example, why is site A responding to more calls faster than site B which has more staff?). Like anything, reporting is only useful if it’s relevant and easy to use. So, you should be able to customise your reports to make sure you get exactly the information you want, when you want it and where.

Integration with your electronic care management system. Workflow terminals (programmable one-button requests such as bed change, room clean for example). Multiple levels of call (resident call, emergency, staff assist, nurse presence).  Proactive reminders and alerts through your Nurse Call system. Call assignment and escalation. These are just some of a growing number of tools available to add real value to your facility day-to-day.

We are, now, less confined by the limitations of a technology which has, traditionally, prescribed how we will work. If you’d like to find out how recent advancements now put you in more control, talk to us any time. We’re here to help.

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