This article was recently published in Ryman’s Ryman Times.

When a Ryman resident rings their call bell, help comes running.

Failure of the call bell system is not an option, and Nurse Call Solutions (NCS) is the company that works hard to make sure the bells keep working to keep residents safe around the clock.

Founded by electricians Jason Long and Mike Dillon 10 years ago, NCS has grown its business as Ryman has expanded.

NCS has grown from a two-man band – Jason and Mike – into a business with 64 full-time staff and branches in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Next up is Melbourne, with NCS set to expand into the Australian market supporting Ryman.

Jason says he counts himself as a member of the Ryman family.

“I use the royal we a bit when it comes to Ryman. It’s a family. Having said that, we work bloody hard to keep the work. The people we deal with are fair, and they’re not silly. They push us hard and we know that if we stop delivering we won’t keep the work.”

The core of Jason and Mike’s business is keeping the lights on for companies like Ryman who rely on the call bell systems to ensure resident safety.

NCS is a reseller of Austco’s Nurse Call system, which means providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week across New Zealand for the call bell system.

NCS has other customers, including Middlemore Hospital and Rotorua DHB, so that not all of its eggs are in one basket.

Mike is the technical guy, who works hard to come up with solutions to keep customers happy, while Jason is the managing director responsible for day-to-day operations.

Two other partners, Mike Nilsen (Big Mike) and Scott Duggan look after NCS’s Wellington/Bay of Plenty and South Island branches respectively.

NCS first started working for Ryman when Evelyn Page was being built in Orewa six years ago, and the relationship has flourished since then.

“We started pretty small and we gradually expanded as our workload has grown. Our partnership with Ryman has been a significant part of our growth,” Jason says.

As well as looking after call bell systems NCS has also turned its hand to other forms of technology, and is constantly innovating together with Ryman.

NCS is responsible for the Never Alone safety system which monitors residents and rolled out Ryman’s wireless network in preparation for the arrival of myRyman. NCS looks after security systems, TV systems, data cabling and whatever else comes next as technology advances and village systems become more complex. Working with the design team, so that the technology going into new builds is future proof, is a priority. Getting common systems across a large number of villages is a goal.

“We’re always ready to tackle whatever scheme emerges from the family next,” Jason says.

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