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NCS offers peace of mind through high standards and smart thinking

Our Solutions

We have a wide range of options to suit a huge range of needs and budgetary requirements. From simple, cost-effective solutions to the latest cutting-edge technology, NCS is a multi-disciplinary team of specialists working with you to ensure you get the best most suitable solution every time.

Structured Cabling

Futureproof your network infrastructure


Reticulation of television services

Design & Consultancy

Work with NCS specialists to find the best solutions to suit your needs

Nurse Call

A range of wired and wireless Nurse Call solutions

System Upgrades

Upgrade your existing system to future-proof your business


Give your employees peace of mind in case of an emergency


Integrate the systems already on your site with powerful software.

Access Control

Secure your premises with the latest access control technology.

Preventative & Reactive Maintenance

Our team will provide maintenance services to ensure your systems always remain operational.

Discover how NCS can transform your organisation:

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